Alpine Social


At Alpine Social we’re certain about two things. That people like mountain adventures and that they like to brag about them. So we’ve taken matters into our own hands and created the social hub of Lake Louise. Inspired by the glory days of Canadian mountaineering, Alpine Social is the place to meet, eat and celebrate.

If you’re looking for hearty comfort food, you’ve found it. Its artisan, locally grown, alpine-inspired food and it tastes even better at 5,680 feet. Claim your seat at the bar or gather your crew and dig in to dishes that will satisfy your mountain-size appetite. Keep in mind; calories don’t count in the Rockies.

Reward yourself for conquering Fairview with a cold, frosty pint. We’ve got enough local craft beer to satisfy the thirst of the entire town. Looking for something more elevated? Our cocktail menu features aged spirits for sipping along with a number of savory options. Don’t miss the selection of 20 Bourbons and 20 Canadian Whiskeys.

Avoid cabin fever. Be social in the alpine.